Our Projects


Our green roof project portfolio features over 100 eco roof installations ranging from 2.5“ extensive green roof systems to rooftop gardens and amenity spaces requiring 4 ft of growing medium.

As a full-service green roof contractor, our team will:

  • Ensure best practices and innovative solutions are incorporated during the project planning phase
  • Facilitate all logistical needs during installation
  • Ensure a thriving living roof system by providing seasonal maintenance during the establishment phase and thereafter

Scroll down to see a few of our featured green roof projects or our galleries for examples of:
Commercial Extensive Green Roof Projects
Rooftop Gardens/Amenity Green Roof Projects
Residential Green Roof Project


Batten Hall Harvard Innovation Lab Allston, MA

Chao Center Harvard Business School Cambridge MA

The Four Seasons Hotel

Hotchkiss Biomass Facility Salisbury Connecticut

Doane Stuart School Rensselaer New York

Gloucester MA

Guilford Sound Guilford VT

Harvard Business School Shad Hall Cambridge MA

The Archer Residences Boston MA Rooftop Garden

UPENN Law School Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Vassar Brothers Medical Center Poughkeepsie NY

Wilmington Vermont

The Moderne Condominiums Saratoga NY

Commercial Residential Amenity Deck with Green Roof

Natural History Museum of Adirondacks Lake Placid New York

101 Seaport Boston MA

Rooftop Garden/ Amenity Deck

Ankram NY

Residential Green Roof


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Learn more about the benefits of green roofs on our FAQ page.

See our Resources page for helpful links to FLL and ASTM Standards for green roofs.

View our diverse project portfolio of commercial, institutional and residential green roof installations.