UPENN Law School Philadelphia Pennsylvania

“The building puts an emphasis on integrating aspects of environmental sustainability, creating a healthy, light-filled indoor environment and reducing greenhouse gasses through energy-efficient design. One example: Golkin Hall’s rooftop gardens not only provide attractive areas for student and faculty collaboration but also reduce the amount of storm water entering the city’s combined sewer/waste water system, counteract the heat-island effect caused by conventional dark roofs.” (Penn Law’s Golkin Hall Awarded Gold LEED Status for Environmental Design, www.upenn.edu)

Apex Greenroof Installation Year: 2012
Owner: UPENN Law
Location: Philadelphia P.A.
Building Type: Educational
Type: 7″ Intensive
System: Semi-intensive and extensive dual media systems
Size: 10,275 sf
Slope: 17%
Access: Accessible
General Contractor: EDA Construction Company
Greenroof System: Roofscapes/Roofmeadow
Waterproofing Manufacturer:
Waterproofing Membrane Contractor:


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