Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Roof Documents:

  • View Reducing Urban Heat Islands
  • View GreenRoofs for Stormwater Runoff Control
  • View Design Guidelines and Maintenance Manual in the Semi-Arid and Arid West
  • View Introduction to the German FLL-Guideline for the Planning, Execution and Upkeep of the Green-Roof Sites
FLL Standards for green roofs: Written by the German organization German Landscape Research, Development and Construction Society (FLL), founded in 1975.

The EPA website provides an INTRODUCTION TO THE GERMAN FLL-GUIDELINE FOR THE PLANNING, EXECUTION AND UPKEEP OF GREEN-ROOF SITES by Peter M. Phillippi: “The FLL-Guideline[s] represent the widely acknowledged state of-the-art technology. Although the guidelines cannot substitute American standards and regulations they nevertheless can provide a lot of very helpful information about green roofs.”

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