The moderne condominiums

The Moderne is a 5-story condominium located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Constructed in 2021, it contains a mix of 24 high-end residential units with exterior and underground parking. It also includes an 11,000 sf (1020 m2) rooftop amenity space with an 8,000 sf green roof and 3,000 sf of pavers.

There is something that makes the green roof on this project very unique. Incorporated underneath the vegetation is a system called Purple-Roof©.

The Purple-Roof system features a needled mineral wool layer which provides excellent retention and filtration properties while minimizing weight. The honeycomb detention reservoir provides storage that is always functioning regardless of the soil saturation level. Its thickness is engineered to meet the project-specific requirements. The detention layer provides controlled and consistent outflow at an engineered rate over the entire green roof area.

Please visit Living Architecture Monitor to read “Rooftop Detention Can Save You Money” for more details about how a stormwater management issue for this project team was resolved and saved the client money.

Images courtesy of Sempergreen.

Apex Green Roof Installation Year: 2021
Location: Saratoga NY
Building Type: Commercial Residential
Size: 8,000 sf green roof and 3,000 pavers
Access: Accessible
General Contractor: Bonacio Construction Inc.


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